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Training may be done with experienced drivers to train them in the use of adaptive equipment or to improve particular skills. It is also done with new drivers who are working towards their first license. Freedom and Mobility can prepare clients for the state road test and when adaptive equipment is needed can provide use of the modified vehicle.

  • Personnel- On-road training is conducted by a combination of certified driver rehabilitation specialists and licensed driving instructors depending on the needs of the individual.
  • Location -Training session may originate at our office or may begin at a location more convenient to the client. Some of our teen drivers begin their sessions at their high school to allow training to occur before rush hour begins. While our company is based in metro Atlanta, training can be arraigned in other parts of Georgia and in other states.
  • Length of training – most sessions last two hours but training with high tech equipment or out of town training is often up to six hours per day. The total number of hours of training required will vary depending on the speed at which the individual learns their previous driving experience and the complexity of the equipment.
  • The F and M On-line driver education course meets the Georgia requirement of 30 hours of classroom training necessary for new drivers under Joshua's Law. This training can be done in conjunction with on-road training or even by individuals without disabilities who simply need a convenient way to satisfy the state requirements. On-line education allows maximum flexibility as it is available 24/7. www.fandmonline.com.
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